Hemp And All Things Green

Hemp And All Things Green

Seeing Green!

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, which means that, at least for the day, rivers are turning green, shamrocks are everywhere to be found, and pesky leprechauns are playing pranks on unsuspecting children. It’s a crazy day, but sometimes, you just have to green and bear it. Which reminds me. What do leprechauns call happy St. Paddy’s Day partygoers? — Jolly Green Giants!

Silly Green Things

Do you know why the boy is wearing a green dress shirt? Because he wanted to try collared greens. Do you know why everyone else is wearing a green shirt? Because they don’t want to get pinched! For being such a small, quiet country, Ireland sure knows how to get the world in on their national celebrations. Of course, add drinking and debauchery to anything and you are likely to get lots of people involved! What began as a religious feast revering Saint Patrick for bringing Christianity to Ireland (and banishing all the non-existent snakes, ahem), became a celebration of Irish pride, and has since leaked into non-Irish communities around the world. Now everyone has a great excuse to pinch family and friends, throw green dye into rivers, and have parades.

In Ise, Japan, people dress up like leprechauns and dance jigs all day. In Brussels, Belgium, you will find residents playing Gaelic football in honor of the Irish homeland. And on the small Caribbean Island of Montserrat, St. Patrick’s “Day” lasts over a week! Here in the United States, you can start your day with a 5:30am polar plunge and free Irish Breakfast in Portland, Maine, head over to Chicago to witness the famous green Chicago river and Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, then spend the evening eating cabbage and corned beef in New London, Wisconsin, where all the signs have been changed to “New Dublin” for the day, thanks to a few troublesome leprechauns.

Of course, families in America like to get in on the fun, as well. You may not like green eggs and ham in a house, with a mouse, in a box, or with a fox, but you just might get them for dinner anyway. And be ready for anything. Leprechauns love to sneak into people’s houses and turn their furniture upside down, dye their toilet water green, and cover the house in green streamers—or so I hear…

If you’re like me, and you’re not planning to travel the globe during this green holiday, then swing by your local donut or coffee shop for a green themed treat! Don’t forget to wear green though, someone will come and pinch you if you don’t!

Hemp is Green!

Hopefully, that first section had you Dublin over with laughter. If not, sorry, we are a little green when it comes to making jokes. But did you know that green is the second most common favorite color, just after blue. How can it not be, when so many wonderful things are green? Green is the color most frequently associated with nature, life, renewal, and vibrance. From the glistening emerald and juicy kiwifruit, to rustling trees and shiny frogs, green is the color of life. In fact, did you know that most leprechauns are florists? It is because they all have green thumbs. But best of all, hemp is green! And so are several of our most popular products.


Hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa cultivars, is an extremely useful, highly sustainable, eco-friendly shrub. Our hemp is sourced from beautiful Oregon. Hemp oil contains hundreds of healthy and safe cannabinoids and terpenes.

Pet Tinctures

Our tinctures for pets are THC-free and come in a variety of strengths. The only ingredients are organic hemp seed oil, hemp extract, and added terpenes for increased benefit. Hemp is used by more and more pet owners to bring balance, calm, mobility, and relaxation to their 4-legged friends.

Mint Chocolate Hemp Tincture

ProHEMP’s Mint Chocolate hemp tincture is available THC-free and full spectrum. Made with natural flavors and all natural ingredients, this green tincture is full of plant compounds that can do wonders for your mood and well-being. You can also try Mixed Berry and Natural flavors too.

Green in More Ways than One

This St. Patrick’s Day, let all the green you see remind you what a gift the earth is. Can you go a little more green for the sake of the planet? At ProHEMP, it is important to us that we deliver natural, sustainable products that will help you live your best life. What can you do to live a more natural, sustainable life?

Just be sure to obey the St. Paddy’s Day rules today. Don’t iron any four-leaf clovers, or you will be pressing your luck. When you think of the Irish, try your hardest not to go green with envy. Be sure to wear shamrocks, because real rocks are far too heavy. Don’t leave the house without wearing green, or you could find yourself in a real pinch. And most of all, remember to tell all your friends and family, “Irish you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Can’t think of a good way to celebrate? Why not try one of our hemp tinctures? You will wonder how you ever got by without it!

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