Hemp for Self-Care and Mothers

Hemp for Self-Care and Mothers

May is a month that just asks for a bunch of holidays! Spring is here for real, summer is around the bend, and life is good. And you better believe that people have filled this amazing month with some pretty great holidays. For example, May 2 is National Truffle Day. May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. One you definitely don’t want to miss is International No Diet Day, on May 6. And most importantly, May 8 is Mother’s Day! What better month than May for celebrating what someone once called “your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” Of course, we’re talking about MOMS!

Celebrating Mothers!

Where would we be without our amazing moms? Still stranded on the corner of 5th and Main where we popped a bicycle tire in 4th grade? Very possible. Honestly, the poem “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten” is a few years late. Everything we need to know, we learned as toddlers on our mother’s lap. Our moms taught us to say please and thank you, to mind our manners, to not hit, to share, to wash our hands, to send thank you cards, to say sorry, and to be nice.

And remember that time you fell off your bike and permanently imbedded gravel into the fatty tissue of your knee? Who did you run to? Mom. And when you first got your heart broken? And when you forgot your homework? And when you were starving, an hour after your last meal? And when you completely spaced that science project until the night before it was due? You turned to Mom. Why? Because she knows everything about you and STILL thinks you are the best thing since the microwave oven. Plus, you could usually get her to do just about anything for you. So, just how much should you pamper your mom this Mother’s Day? To the moon and back, at least.

Self-Care Basics

If you are a mom, even better. No one can possibly understand everything you do as a mother except another mother. That is why you need to pamper yourself. Let’s face it, your husband and kids don’t get it. At least, not unless your kids have their own kids. But even then, they don’t get it, because the more kids your kids have the more people you have to love and take care of and worry about, and it just grows and grows and never stops! Which is great! But it also means that sometimes, you are the one that will have to take care of you. You need to be cared for, you deserve to be cared for, and you are worth it!

Moms, you know what you need to be doing to take great care of yourself. Sometimes, you just need convincing that you are just as important as everyone else. So, believe it, and then do it! Get good sleep, reduce your stress, give yourself a facial, and do something YOU love, every single day. Luckily, we have some great products to get you started!

Balance Stress/Cortisol

The Perceived Stress Scale is a way to measure your stress levels. As a whatever-aged woman, your levels should be somewhere around a 12.6. However, if you are a mom, chances are your levels are a bit higher. Like a 746. Unfortunately, all that stress causes your emotions to get out of whack and your immune system to fizzle out and your eye to develop a permanent twitch. Not good. This is due to your body constantly blasting the hormone cortisol. To stop that from happening, you can do yoga, meditate, or even try supplements. The hemp and ashwagandha in our adaptogenic Balance Stress/Cortisol tincture work with your endocrine system to reduce the release of cortisol. In fact, any of our hemp extracts can help support healthy balance and cortisol levels.*

Sleep w/Melatonin

Our Sleep Adaptogenic with Melatonin contains all the relaxation-inducing, good sleep-supporting properties of both melatonin and hemp. It even has added terpenes for more health-promoting benefits. Both hemp and melatonin are known to support your body’s natural circadian rhythm, helping you to feel tired when it is time to sleep, and alert during the daytime.* Mothers have a lot to think about, which can keep them up at night. Give your mom, or yourself, the gift of better sleep with this amazing adaptogenic!

Facial Oil with Hemp

Another great product for Mother’s Day is our Facial Oil with Hemp. Few things get a mom down like wrinkles. And few things are more reinvigorating than a really great facial. Our facial oil takes care of both. Instead of guessing what your mom would like this year, give her something she is guaranteed to love! Our facial oil nourishes and hydrates the skin while it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your mom has given you everything, and more. She deserves the very best this Mother’s Day. Show her how much you love her with better sleep and a soothing facial. She deserves any pampering she can get!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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