Hemp Tinctures for Pet Health

Hemp Tinctures for Pet Health

It usually begins with an unrelenting, brilliant campaign. With strategic political prowess, your child plans and carries out a masterful psychological attack, pulling at you from every angle and exploiting each of your weaknesses. First it is the begging. Then come the promises. Next are the pictures of adorable puppies or fluffy kittens left all over the house. The last push is usually what takes it for the win: the heart-wrenching letter left on your bed. When you finally cave and pick out a furry little friend for your shrewd politician, you convince yourself that you will stay on the periphery and keep your heart free and unentangled. And then you look into those sweet, sad, trusting little puppy or kitten eyes and fall instantly, irrevocably, and utterly in love. 

All Things Pets

It is a good thing you love your pet so much. They slobber all over everything, attack your feet every time you walk past, bark, cry, howl, pull out the trash, bite, scratch, leave hair everywhere, pee on the carpet, and tear your favorite throw pillows to shreds. It is during these times that you curse the weakness that made you give in.

And then they look up at you with those same sweet eyes and you forgive it all.

We know, the good times more than make up for the bad times. The times when they snuggle up to you in bed, warm you while you watch tv on the couch, comfort you when you are sad, defend you when you are being “threatened” by passersby, get you outside, and make you laugh until your sides hurt with their hilarious antics.

Your pet is always there for you; it is only natural that you want to always be there for them, too, helping them through their struggles in any way you can.

Some of the most common health issues that dogs and cats run into are skin problems, chronic joint pain, low energy, anxiety, and digestive issues such as vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhea. No one likes to see their treasured pets suffer, but sometimes you feel powerless to help. Luckily, we’ve got hemp for all of your pet needs.

Give Them More than Just Love

Your pets need your love, but, unfortunately, love alone isn’t enough. Our THC-Free Hemp Oil for pets brings quick relief for the most common pet troubles.

Skin Problems

Pets are prone to developing skin allergies. One reason for this is a deficiency in Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential omega-6 fatty acid. Skin allergies can lead to relentless itching and scratching. This inflames the skin further, exacerbating the problem. Hemp extract is a good source of GLA which supports healthy looking skin and helps to relieve the itchiness.

Chronic Joint Pain

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a dog or pet suffer from chronic joint pain. Joint pain inhibits mobility and causes a great deal of suffering. Often, this pain is due to cytokine release during an immune response. Cytokines wreak havoc on your pet’s joints and on your heart as you watch him struggle. Hemp extract can support health joint function and mobility, helping to relieve your pet’s joint-related pain.  

Low Energy

Another side effect of low GLA is low energy levels, especially in older animals. Our 1000mg Hemp Tincture for Pets is a good source of GLA and supports healthy energy levels.


Anxiety is common for pets. Unfortunately, an anxious pet is often a misbehaving pet. Anxiety causes cats and dogs to pee and poop inside, exhibit destructive behavior, become aggressive, and even self-mutilate. No pet parent wants to see their beloved pet go through that. All-natural hemp extract is widely used for calming pets. You get the same calming effects without the extra trip to the vet or paying an arm and a leg for a prescription. If you’re looking for something a little different, essential oils can also provide a calming effect on both pets and humans alike.

Digestive Issues

Whether your pet got into something he shouldn’t have or suffers from chronic stomach upset, hemp oil can help. The chlorophyll in hemp helps support healthy digestive functions, balancing digestion and working around discomfort.

One for Man, One for Man’s Best Friend

Our THC-Free Hemp Extract for Pets is any pet parent’s best friend. Simply drop the recommended amount into your pet’s food or straight into their mouth for quick, sustained support for healthy bodily functions like skin healthy, mobility, energy levels, and digestion. Our hemp tinctures come from non-GMO, certified-organic hemp grown in the United States. With 600 drops per bottle and dosage depending on weight, this product is the perfect fit for all your pets.

While you are shopping for Fido or Mittens, you might consider looking at hemp products designed to help you, as well. With a wide variety of hemp extracts, adaptogenics, topicals, and edibles, we have something for everyone here at ProHEMP. These products are specially formulated to support healthy immunity, mobility, balance, sleep routines, skin health, and more for canine, feline, and human alike.

Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits that hemp can offer both you and your pet.

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