Relieving Pain with Menthol and Hemp

Relieving Pain with Menthol and Hemp

One of our most basic instincts is to avoid pain. It makes sense. Pain is designed to warn us of harmful situations. Relatively mild pain can save you from deeper, life-threatening pain. Pain also serves the purpose of letting you know that something is wrong. There might be a serious issue, or it could simply be that it is time to back-off, rest, and let yourself heal.

Unfortunately, not all pain is useful. Sometimes, you are simply stuck with lasting or chronic pain that you can’t treat. Other times the damage is done, the injury is healing, but in the mean time you’re in a world of hurt. For those times when you can’t fix the cause of your pain right away, at least you know that there are ways to relieve it.

Relieve Don’t Relive

Relieve or relive. In the case of these two words, one little vowel makes all the difference. You want to relieve your pain, not relive it.

All too often, we deal with unnecessary pain. We ruminate, fear, and fret about things that are outside of our control, causing unwanted pain in our lives. We let chronic problems get to us over and over again, and unless we do anything about it we relive it every day. Reliving the same scenarios again and again does nothing constructive. It only hurts us and sometimes the people we around us.

When we fail to use the modern miracles that are available to us for treating physical pain, we are still reliving instead of relieving. We deal with sore muscles, aching joints, and uncomfortable injuries day in and day out, without doing anything to combat the pain.

Many people dislike the idea of using pain medication on a regular basis. This feeling is certainly justified. Different pain medications can lead to a variety of side effects, ranging from inflammation and ulcers to liver damage or a full-blown addiction. But when natural, safe, effective treatments are available, it only makes sense to take advantage of them!

Menthol, Essential Oils, and Hemp!

Here at ProHEMP, we appreciate the desire to avoid popping pain pills and look for alternatives, but no one wants to simply put up with pain. That is why we created our Pain Relief Hemp Rub with Menthol. This potent topical pain reliever is a combination of all-natural ingredients, such as menthol, aloe vera, Nature’s Fusions Fire and Ice Essential Oil Blend, and hemp.


Menthol is a natural occurring terpene from the peppermint plant. It has unique cooling properties, both to the taste and on the skin. Menthol is widely used in the medical community. It’s commonly used in muscle rubs and breathing rubs. You might even find it in burn relief creams and cough drops too!

The menthol in our pain-relieving rub is there to provide that signature cooling affect. It is also THE active ingredient that acts a topical pain reliever.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an important part of any natural healers first aid products. Used to soothe burns, damaged skin, and hasten the healing process, aloe vera abounds in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is thought to contain at least 75 health-promoting compounds within its thick, fluid-filled leaves.

Fire and Ice Essential Oil Blend

Fire and Ice is a Nature’s Fusions essential oil blend designed for topical warming and cooling, the perfect complement to our pain-relieving hemp cream. However, unlike other sports creams, this blend contains only all-natural, pure essential oils, such as Peppermint for cooling and Marjoram and Wintergreen for warming. In addition to its topical application, Fire and Ice can increase mental clarity and promote feelings of tranquility when used in aromatherapy.


Hemp is widely used for supporting healthy lifestyles. Our hemp is specially designed for better bioavailability. When used topically, hemp connects directly with the local cannabinoid receptors located near the pores. This means you get the pain-relieving effects right where you need it—where the pain is.


Our Hemp relief rub comes in a convenient 2 oz tube. This makes it perfect for throwing in your gym bag or carrying with you in your purse. That way, it is always right there when you need it.

You could grit your teeth and suffer through your pain. Or, you could be smart and take advantage of nature’s pain relieving powers. Try it now and watch your aches and pains melt away!

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