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1000 mg Pain Relief Menthol Hemp Rub

1000 mg Pain Relief Menthol Hemp Rub

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Experience Deep and Comforting Relief with ProHEMP Pain Relief 2oz

Alleviate Muscle and Joint Discomfort with our Water-Based Pain Relief Formula

Designed for individuals with an active lifestyle, our ProHEMP Pain Relief 2oz offers the perfect solution for targeted relief after exercising.

What Sets Our Pain Relief Product Apart

Trust the Power of our Unique Composition

Our pain relief product combines 4% menthol, essential oils, and premium CBD sourced from high-quality hemp extract. Experience the effectiveness of our formula with optimal absorption for superior results.

Rest Assured, Our Pain Relief Product Prioritizes Safety and Compliance

FDA-Compliant and Made in the USA

Rest assured, our pain relief product meets FDA regulations for over-the-counter drugs, ensuring safety and compliance. We source all our ingredients within the United States and conduct rigorous third-party testing to ensure strength, purity, and quality.

How to Use our Pain Relief Product

Easy Application for Soothing Relief

To use our pain relief product, simply apply a generous amount to the affected area, gently massage it in, and within approximately five minutes, experience the soothing relief you need. Remember to wash or clean your hands after application.

Perfect for Active Lifestyles and Fitness Enthusiasts

Supporting Athletes of All Levels

While suitable for all ages and groups, our pain relief product has a primary focus on the fitness industry and individuals leading active lifestyles. Whether you're a gym enthusiast, runner, or sports lover, our mission is to support athletes of all levels and inspire them to achieve their goals.

Join us on our Journey to Make Sport a Daily Habit

Embrace the Power of Natural Products

Join us in embracing the power of natural products. Discover the highest quality, all-natural hemp/CBD-based pain relief solutions with ProHEMP.


Experience Deep and Comforting Alleviation with ProHemp Pain Relief

Discover ProHemp Pain Relief 2oz - your ultimate solution for muscle and joint pain. Our water-based formula, enriched with 4% menthol,essential oils, and high-quality CBD, ensures quick absorption and superior results. Designed for active lifestyles, experience fast-acting relief after exercise, promoting recovery and peak performance. Just apply, massage gently, and feel soothing relief within minutes. Unlock your potential with ProHemp Pain Relief.