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2000 mg Pain Relief Menthol Hemp Rub

2000 mg Pain Relief Menthol Hemp Rub

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Our ProHEMP Hemp Relief Rub contains a soothing combination of Hemp and natural ingredients, including menthol, hyaluronic acid, and aloe for fast-acting relief. A proprietary blend of Nature's nano Technology (NnT) Hemp with Fire & Ice Essential Oil Blend for relief that lasts.

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Experience Deep and Comforting Alleviation with ProHemp Pain Relief

Discover ProHemp Pain Relief 2oz - your ultimate solution for muscle and joint pain. Our water-based formula, enriched with 4% menthol,essential oils, and high-quality CBD, ensures quick absorption and superior results. Designed for active lifestyles, experience fast-acting relief after exercise, promoting recovery and peak performance. Just apply, massage gently, and feel soothing relief within minutes. Unlock your potential with ProHemp Pain Relief.